Website development in Turkmenistan

Website development in Turkmenistan.

Order a business card website in Turkmenistan in three languages

Design, promotion and assistance in setting up ads for contextual advertising in Google and Yandex

If there are few business cards - I create online stores and catalogs in Turkmenistan on WordPress

Mini Websites in Turkmenistan

Creation of sites in Turkmenistan in Russian, Turkmen and English languages.

Why we offer in Turkmenistan the development of Mini Web sites – a business card in three main languages

First: languages ​​such as Turkmen, Russian and English are the most common in Turkmenistan

Secondly, Internet business cards are not expensive and Business Card is the most inexpensive type of one-page site. Suitable if you need to declare your company, describe only one product or service and run contextual advertising. On the other hand, as the first site that will require a minimum of time to run.
Thirdly, now that the business of Turkmenistan is switching to digital document management, all companies (firms), individual enterprises, business entities and private entrepreneurs without a legal entity are simply obliged to have their own Internet address (Website). In addition, in order to quickly do this, they turn to our Turkmenmarket Web Studio for the creation of a business card website in three languages.
Of course, we can help in creating large sites (business, online store) or add the required number of languages. However, these are other prices – it is better to request a price from us. Alternatively, we can talk after creating a mini-site with the possibility of expansion with the addition of the necessary modules.
Commercial blogging in Turkmenistan

Business promotion in Turkmenistan via the Internet

You can look at the multilingual website in Turkmenistan at this address 

Note: for this offer, we produce a Website Business Card on the WordPress platform.
Yet, there is an alternative – Ready-made designs of single-page sites. We will provide prices upon request.
Where to call or write a request in Ashgabat to order a Website Business Card?
In Russian  203890, 207860,
In Turkmen 145622, +99363944265
Email Address,

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  1. Website and Blog Development in Turkmenistan
    We will help to create a Business Blog (Internet newspaper, Internet magazine, Internet diary) for business (website and / or online store) in Turkmenistan

  2. Сайт в Туркменистане с индивидуальным дизайном и решениями
    Если Вы хотите получить абсолютно уникальное Интернет-решение, обратите особое внимание на разработку индивидуального проекта.

    Для него будет создаваться индивидуальный программный код, что дает возможность обеспечить максимальное удобство использования сайта и для посетителей, и для его владельца.


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